About Olivia Sanders

Olivia Sanders is a multimedia journalist who moved to New York City in August of 2010 seeking new opportunities for her media career. While in New York, Olivia completed multimedia training at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. There she learned many new tools that she added to her journalism arsenal. She worked hard to create blog post that incorporated audio clips, audio slideshows and video and she learned new methods to use social media to promote one's brand. She had the opportunity to cover El DeBarge’s comeback in November of 2010. In 2011 Olivia found herself at the NY Post freelancing in their multimedia department. An unexpected pregnancy in May of 2011 led her back to Texas and momentarily paused her career in media.

This Fort Worth, Texas native is a graduate of the University of North Texas. There she double majored in Radio, TV, Film and Spanish. She spent the summer of 2004 in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico where she took extensive Spanish classes.

Olivia also completed several internships while in college. She interned at her local college radio and TV station before moving on to NBC 5. The highlight of her time at NBC 5 was working Election Night 2008. It was an eye opening experience to watch the newsroom transform into a political juggernaut.

In her spare time when she isn't taking care of her son, Olivia enjoys listening to the music of Stevie Wonder, rooting for “America’s Team,” the Dallas Cowboys and cooking for friends. Now back in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Olivia looks forward to continuing her passion for journalism. To contact her for job opportunities, have a video project for her or just to say “hi” please email her at oliviadsanders@hotmail.com.


A Q&A with Olivia Sanders

Describe your dream interview.


No doubt about it, my dream interview would be Stevie Wonder. I would enjoy knowing his thoughts, emotions and inspirations behind the music that I love so much. It would be great to just sit at a piano with Stevie, have him answer my questions and sing to me.


What type of news stories interest you?


Locally, I like stories that deal with life issues; you know the first birth of the year or the elderly man who gets a new house built by young college students. I also like crime. I don't necessarily see it as depressing but just a part of life. Breaking News is also exciting. It gets me energized and my adrenaline pumping. Nationally I’m always interested in politics and what’s going on in Washington, D.C.  I feel that so much that happens there affects our daily lives, but many citizens don’t take the time to really focus on what Congress, the Senate and President do. Many of the laws passed my the President are jam packed with so many issues that it takes journalist breaking them down to consumers to let them know how it will truly affect them. I also like international stories about Africa and South America. Those two places are close very to my heart. 


What drives you to want to be a radio DJ?


Pure and simple: I love music! I once heard Dick Clark say for every important moment in our life, there is music. I believe that wholeheartedly and can see that in my life. I mostly listen to R&B slow jams, but I also like Country, Tejano, 90’s Alternative Rock and Jazz. So being a Dj allows me to introduce listeners to new music and provide interesting facts about the artist and music they love as much as I do.


What is multimedia storytelling?

Multimedia story telling is being able to look at a story across media platforms. Be it photographs, video, graphs and charts or just words all of those help capture the true essence of a story.  With multi platform reporting being used in newsrooms across the country, it’s important for the storytellers to be able to use visual imagery to tell the story.  Increasingly more and more people are going online for news. Not just online but also using their mobile devices. So in telling stories across media platforms journalists also must think about making that story available to a wide range of readers. So for me, it’s super important that I’m able to write a story, do a photograph slide show and have an audio component. Multimedia means not having to work in a box. It adds much more to my job title and that’s a plus.


What does Radio Show Prep look like to you?


Radio show prep to me is looking over my playlist first and foremost. I want to look at unique ways I can enhance the listeners experience by adding factoids, stories and viewpoints about the artist and the music. I also like to look at current events and how they may deal with a song. I read news articles online, in magazines and local newspapers. I stay tuned to what people are talking about on the social networking sites. That often is the biggest help when planning out a show.


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